Readers poll winner ~
So tasty, so delectable, so burgerlicious!!! ~ Jesse F. Crestveiw Hills, Ky My new favorite thing!! ~Polly Campbell

Simply the best! ~ Keep an eye out for Mike in the kitchen. He’s one of the friendliest restaurant owners I’ve met and loves talking about his creations; he simply adores cooking! ~ Paige M. Cincinnati,OH

Mad For Mike’s ~ It’s a blissful combination, the kind of shut your eyes and moan flavor that you don’t expect on a $6 sandwich. ~

It a good burger! May be the best fast food burger I ever had in my life!~ Mike K. Burlington, KY

No better place to bring your friends! Mad Mike’s Burgers is clearly an exceptional experience in Burger and Fries dining. Delectable! ~

Mad Mike’s rated # 5 ~ on Polly Campbell’s Burger Hall of fame

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