About Us

Justin B. Duke of The Community Recorder reports:

Like the name says, Mad Mike’s focuses on serving a few items, burgers and fries, but doing them well, said owner Mike Gelastopoulos.

“We serve nothing but the best,” Gelastopoulos said.

Every burger is made from 100 percent black Angus beef. Regular sized burgers use 1/2-pound patties and smaller burgers use 1/4-pound patties.

“We don’t own a freezer,” Gelastopoulos said. “Everything is cut and handmade on site.”

Mad Mike’s focuses on serving quality food, but not overcharging for it, he said.

“People shouldn’t have to pay $10 for a burger,” Gelastopoulos said.

They offer a variety of gourmet burgers like the American Outlaw, the Rockefeller and the Pride of Zeus.

Mad Mike’s isn’t Gelastopoulos’ first attempt at the restaurant business. He’s spent 10 years running full-service family restaurants.

The Florence location is the first Mad Mike’s, but Gelastopoulos is hopeful there will be more to come, he said.

“I’m just looking for the right locations,” Gelastopoulos said.

If the restaurant’s early performance is any indication of how other locations will go, the future is looking bright, he said.

“It couldn’t be better,” Gelastopoulos said.